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UPDATED Trigger Shoe Listing
Trigger Shoe ORDER FORM

This page was last updated:  June 16th, 2015





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 Trigger Shoe ORDER FORM

Finishes and Prices


Note: If your trigger measures more than 24/64 = 0.375" we may not have anything that will work for you. Our LARGEST shoe, a #15, has an inner grove of 24/64". This is the absolute largest trigger width we can fit. Your trigger must have the curve of Quarter, or very close to it, and a flat face in order for the set screws to attach properly.

Discontinued Sizes: Size #24, Size #10 -- These items are available in old stock, ALL SALES ARE FINAL


These are good examples of the SKB Barrell Selector Trigger Shoe in BRONZE. Order number: 40Z#13SKB.

This is your classic Savage 93, Mark I and II Model trigger. It has a Bronze Trigger Shoe size 40Z#12SAV.


Types of Finishes and Prices


FLAT BLACK Powder Coated ALUMINUM = $25.00

NOTE: Polished Aluminum, Brushed (Two-Tone Aluminum), and Bronze finishes have been discontinued.


Bronze Trigger Shoes will be available on a limited basis, to be announced:

SIZE #9 Cost = $35.00 plus shipping.



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